Nick Foster is an author, blogger, health activist and a lifelong asthmatic. His posts and books have helped tens of thousands of asthmatics all over the world get the relief they deserve.

Nick’s Story

I was diagnosed with asthma as a young child, and I’ve taken more than my fair share of inhalers, preventatives, trips to the doctor and even, unfortunately, trips to the emergency room. Eventually, as a young adult, I got fed up with over-relying on my medication, and I began looking for effective, natural remedies for asthma, sticking to well-researched and holistic ideas.

With the lessons I’ve learned and the changes I’ve made in my lifestyle, I’ve cut my dependence on my inhalers. I no longer need my preventative medicine, and I almost never use my rescue puffer – although I do always carry it with me, just in case.

After making such significant progress with my asthma I felt I had to give back to the community. That’s why I made this website detailing everything I’ve tried that works as well as the science that backs it up

I absolutely love learning and experimenting with natural health and wellness techniques. Nothing pleases me more than discovering simple methods that relieve chronic conditions I’ve suffered from for years and sharing them with others.

Nicks Book

My book, How I Beat Asthma, was released in 2019 and has been downloaded many, many times by thousands of enthusiastic asthma sufferers around the world. In it I share most of the tips and techniques I’ve shared on this blog.

This book is presented in a narrative style and will outline most of the strategies I employ as well as give you a glimpse into the mindset of someone determined to take back control of their health.