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Our Asthma Journey

We’re Nick and Emma, two college sweethearts on a mission – to bring effective natural remedies for asthma to the masses, and create an online community to share ideas and stories.

Nick was diagnosed with asthma as a young child, and he has taken his share of inhalers, preventatives, trips to the doctor and even, unfortunately, trips to the emergency room.

Both our lives changes when, about 3 years ago, he got fed up with over-relying on his medication. Trying to put-off a trip to the doctor for a prescription refill, he took to Google.

The lessons he’s learned along the way have helped him cut his dependence on his inhaler. He no longer takes his preventative inhaler, and he rarely uses ventolin – usually only when he has a cold or other illness.

We’ve found that there’s lots of good information out there. But lots of not-so-good info, too. That’s why we’ve decided  to create a resource for fellow asthma-sufferers looking to manage their condition in a holistic and effective way.

So, this is our story. Here are the home remedies for asthma that work for us. We bet they’ll work for you, too. Happy Breathing!

Common Sense Disclaimer

We’re not medical professionals, and we do not recommend you make any serious changes to your asthma care without consulting your physician. This is especially true if you have severe asthma or are using this information to treat childhood asthma. None on the information on this website should be used as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or professional healthcare provider.

Our stories are just that – our stories, and they may not be appropriate for you. This information is not advice and should not be treated as such.

We’re members of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and the Pure Spectrum Affiliate Program. Some links on this site are affiliate sites. 

And please note: we built this website using the Extra Theme for WordPress. In part because we’re Elegant Themes affiliates, and in part because it’s hands-down the best flexible WordPress template on the market. If you’ve got an inner blogger inside you ready to shine, we highly recommend checking them out (affiliate link).

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