About The Book

Are you sick of leaving your doctor’s office with yet another prescription, for yet another overpriced asthma medicine …. only to find you’re still wheezing day and night? Or how about all those silly blog posts pushing the ‘one quick asthma fix’ that turns out to be useless?

I’ve had asthma all my life, and I always felt helpless to improve my symptoms, too. That is, until I started researching real, proven ways to breathe better. Following these strategies, I weaned myself off all my asthma medicines, and in this book, I show you exactly how I did it. 

Anyone who tells you they can ‘cure’ your asthma is lying – sadly, there is no cure yet. But that doesn’t mean that you have no control over how well you breathe. And you don’t need to be chained to your puffers.

I’ll always carry my rescue puffer, but I no longer use it, and I’m off my preventative medicine too – because I no longer experience the horrible symptoms that plagued me since childhood. The powerful yet simple tools I share can help alleviate your symptoms dramatically, while also changing how you think about your asthma and your body. If you’re sick of all the schtick online and ready for some real, healthy strategies that offer real, long-term relief, this book is for you.

I’m living proof: you CAN do something about your asthma, and you CAN use less medicine. And it’s easier than you think.

Asthma is NOT a one-cause-one-solution type of condition. There isn’t “one simple thing” that magically cures us. And that includes your prescription drugs. Thankfully, the holistic approach I outline can help alleviate your worst symptoms (or maybe all of them), and give you back control of your breathing – and your life.

I’ve had asthma since I was about 7 years old. I bet my story is a lot like yours: we have a scary episode (or many), we get our diagnosis, we’re given a prescription, and we’re sent on our merry way – and then we spend years or a lifetime suffering through horrible feelings of breathlessness and dependence on nasty medicine.

Eventually, I said enough is enough, and I began researching how to finally get better – really better. I started blogging about what worked, and I’ve been blown away by the response. I quickly learned that there is a real need for practical, straightforward advice around managing asthma symptoms, and that lots of asthmatics wanted to know how to use less medicine, just like I did.

Your doctors have likely only focused on your lungs, and how unhealthy they are. My book is about your lungs, too, of course. But I choose to focus on healing our whole bodies, and our minds. Your journey will look different from mine, but I sincerely hope to show that you can control how much your asthma impacts your life.

The simple, step-by-step strategies I used to overcome ALL of my asthma symptoms – without any gimmicks or expensive medicines.

Available at $3.99 for a limited time.

What’s Inside

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter One: Understanding Asthma, How To Cure It, and How To Use This Book
  2. Chapter Two: The #1 Way To Take Your Rescue Medicine Less Right Now
  3. Chapter Three: Let’s Talk About Breath
  4. Chapter Four: Start Small & Start Sipping
  5. Chapter Five: Less Asthma At Night
  6. Chapter Six: The Best Diet For Asthma (there’s just two simple rules you need to follow!)
  7. Chapter Seven: How To Exercise With Asthma
  8. Chapter Eight: Cleaner Air = Happier Lungs (what asthmatics need to know about air filters)
  9. Chapter Nine: The Nose Knows – Allergies & Asthma
  10. Chapter Ten: Natural Remedies That Actually Work
  11. Chapter Eleven: Demystifying CBD & Asthma (Definitely Worth A Try!)

Sample from Chapter 1 – Understanding Asthma

Don’t worry – I’m not a clueless hippy trying to sell you on hokey treatments or ‘the one pill that will cure your asthma.’ I hate that garbage, and how many unscrupulous marketers prey on our fears. I only treat my asthma in medically sound ways that treat my overall health as well, and that’s all I’m sharing in this book.

Bad news first: there is no actual cure for asthma (source). Asthma is a lifelong condition, and we don’t fully understand it yet. It’s caused by an almost countless number of factors ranging from genetics, antibiotics, and food, to your childhood environment, and that’s just a start.

Received wisdom tells us that no matter the cause or severity, you treat your asthma the same way — with strong prescription inhalers that reduce inflammation and physically open the airways. Pretty harsh, huh? Especially since lots of asthma medicine has lots of nasty side effects, not to mention its often exorbitant cost.

In my experience, one of the biggest problems we asthmatics have is thinking about our disease in the wrong way. Asthma is NOT a one-cause-one-solution type of condition.

Therefore, there isn’t going to be “one simple thing” that magically cures your asthma. And that includes your prescription drugs.

And even if there was one ‘cure,’ it’s definitely not going to be something simple and easy like an ingredient added or subtracted from your meals. Take it from this lifelong asthmatic, who’s already tried all the easy fixes.

So that’s the bad news. There is no cure for asthma.

But the good news? It’s possible to get rid of practically all your asthma symptoms (or at least your worst ones), so it doesn’t have to affect your quality of life.

But you have to stop looking for a quick fix, and instead think about treating your whole health, including your lungs. I haven’t needed to take my puffer in years, and it’s because I stuck with all the tips and strategies I’m sharing in this book. It is my absolute belief and genuine hope that they’ll work for you, too, if you stay committed and give them time.

Moreover, I’m only sharing things that are generally healthy for our whole bodies. In fact, I’m sure you don’t even have to have asthma to benefit from most of what we’re sharing. My wife follows along with all my strategies, and she’s seen great results in her health and happiness, too.

So often, disingenuous people will try to use our fears to sell us on products we don’t need. Not being able to breathe properly makes us so vulnerable, and greedy huxters who prey on that make my blood boil. We’re easy prey, because no one wants to be dependent on expensive preventative inhalers. And it’s even worse to be addicted to rescue inhalers – I know, because I’ve been there.