Why Oregano Tea Is Good for Asthma and Lung Health

I blog extensively about good teas for asthma, because is healthy and soothing, and it helps me manage my symptoms. Based on my research and personal experience, oregano tea is another great choice for anyone with asthma or similar concerns. Oregano tea is very beneficial for asthma because it is anti-inflammatory, decongesting and pain relieving. … Read more

Rooibos Tea & The Lungs: Great For Asthma and Allergies!

Drinking tea is a wonderful natural remedy for asthma. Not only does tea usually have lots of health benefits, but drinking tea can also reduce stress, which is important for asthma patients. Rooibos tea is a good choice for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies, because it acts as a bronchodilator and also has anti-inflammatory … Read more

Why Chamomile Tea is Good for Your Lungs

Chamomile Tea has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries. It is only becoming more and more popular around the world, because of its pleasant taste and many health benefits. Chamomile tea is a good choice for the lungs, because it can reduce upper respiratory inflammation and soothe the throat. It is very calming, … Read more

Best Tea for Asthma: What I Use To Get Relief (Tasty & Affordable)

ginger turmeric lemon tea with honey

Tea is a great natural remedy for asthma. It has many proven health benefits, and certain types offer extra benefits for asthmatics. I know from experience – tea helps me treat my asthma symptoms, and I drink several cups every day.  The best teas for asthma are anti-inflammatory and anti-expectorant bronchodilators that make breathing easier. … Read more

21 Of The Best Teas for Asthma Relief


Tea for asthma – the perfect natural remedy for my breathing problems. That’s because it helps me manage both my stress and my asthma symptoms at the same time. But which is the best tea for asthma? In my experience, the best tea for asthma is a combination of Breathe Easy Tea and Throat Coat … Read more