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How to Cure Asthma Naturally Permanently – 5 Powerful Strategies

Life with asthma is hard. Every asthmatic has wondered how to cure asthma naturally, permanently – is it even possible? Of course, there is no cure for asthma but the symptoms can be effectively controlled with natural methods in many cases.

Asthma can be cured naturally permanently with a combination of lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, meditation, breathing exercises and herbal teas. When you’re body is as strong and healthy as possible, you’ll be able to breathe better and hopefully you’ll find your asthma is greatly improved. Following this guidance, asthma symptoms can effectively be cured forever.

Natural RemedyExpected Outcome
ExerciseExercise can asthma symptoms by increasing lung capacity and improving lung function.
DietBetter nutrition and digestion will make breathing easier and help lessen asthma symptoms. Interested in trying a new diet plan?
Buteyko Breathing MethodButeyko breathing reteaches you how to breathe and will help you oxygenate your lungs. Learn more about why it works here. This helps asthma by making correct breathing come more naturally to you.
Papworth MethodSimilar to the Buteyko breathing, the Papworth method will help asthma symptoms by helping you breathe more efficiently and make your breathing feel easier.
Omega-3 OilsA high quality Omega-3 oil will provide you with the micronutrients necessary to combat inflammation of the lungs and airways that comes with asthma. Find a great quality Omega-3 source here!
MeditiationAnxiety is a major cause and exacerbator of breathing distress, including asthma. Meditation can reduce anxiety and so might help you with your asthma as well.
TeaHerbal teas have been used for thousands of years to treat breathing difficulties like asthma. Read all about my favorite teas to combat asthma here!
CBDCBD has qualities proven to reduce airway inflammation and makes breathing easier when you have asthma. I’ve been using a high quality CBD oil to help manage my asthma symptoms for years. Read all about my experience here.
There are lot’s of possibilities to treat asthma naturally.

Does A Natural Cure For Asthma Work?

Natural cures for asthma do work to help you drastically affect how much asthma impacts your life – I’m living proof. But you can only treat your asthma if you’re willing to be proactive, do the work, and take better care of your health overall. 

Ready to dive in? Jump to the strategies I’ve used to cure my asthma naturally and permanently here.

Beware the con-artists and ignorant people who write the articles about “curing” asthma naturally permanently that you see all over the Internet. You know the ones – written by everyone from naturopathic doctors, to fad dietitians and big pharmaceutical companies, all the way to concerned mothers of asthmatic children looking for quick fixes.

It seems like everyone is hocking an asthma solution. It makes sense – our condition affects millions of people around the world. But treatment isn’t as simple as they make it sound. I’m sorry to report that there is no miracle cure (although CBD might be the closest thing – learn why here). 

I’ve struggled with asthma since childhood, and I always wondered if there was a better, more natural way to treat it. Everyone knows you can take a rescue inhaler during an asthma attack, and you can take a maintenance inhaler to avoid them.

But was there another way? Can asthma be cured naturally and permanently without the use of steroids and other potentially harmful medications?

Sure, honey has lots of benefits, and so does apple cider vinger, but a tablespoon at night isn’t actually going to cure anything on its own. (Although honey is one of the natural remedies for asthma that I actually enjoy – see the rest here). 

And no, cutting out meat or eggs or gluten or *insert evil food here* isn’t going to stop asthma attacks (unless you have a specific food allergy).

These are the kinds of “quick fix” solutions that are all over the web. To be honest, it bothers me that this kind of nonsense drowns out all the good information, based on science, that’s out there.

I understand it though. Asthma sucks, and it would be great if one thing could finally just cure your condition, permanently. We’re all susceptible to easy answers, even though they hold little real promise.

This is why I’m excited about all of the great information I’ve put together on Treat Asthma at Home. 

It may come across as “just another asthma blog,” but this website is really about my personal journey, using science-based research to come up with healthy ways to treat my asthma.


And everything on my website actually works! I used to be addicted to ventolin, taking it up to 10 times a day. Now, I only need it when I’m really sick (like, with the flu), and I’ve cut out my preventative medicine completely.

(See the five specific steps I took to get off my puffer here). 

I only share the best information out there, and I’m sure it can help anyone who takes the time to follow my lead. But, my methods for curing asthma naturally and permanently aren’t necessarily easy, or quick.

Instead, my methods are all about proven health and fitness lifestyle changes. So if you’re looking for gimmicky, “One Simple Fix” ways to cure your asthma naturally and permanently, then this isn’t the site for you. I don’t do clickbait like that.

But if you’re ready for some lifestyle changes that will have an immediate impact on your asthma symptoms, keep reading!

Fitness Is Key To Controlling Asthma

woman using a rowing machine

When professional athletes get exhausted and out of breath in the middle of a game, they know they need to improve their cardio. And when they want to improve their cardio, they do intense, cardio-focused exercise. They know there’s no way around actually doing the work. 

Yet so many of us asthmatics think we can essentially achieve the same results with just a pill or a puffer (that so-called “magic fix”).

(And I get it. I resisted it for a long time, but when I finally started to exercise as an adult, I quickly saw results in my symptoms. See how I combine exercise and asthma here.)

But the real truth is, if you want to feel invigorated and full of energy, and if you want to breathe easier, you’re going to need to get in better physical shape.

This is a missing key that so many asthmatics ignore. Even most doctors who treat us ignore it. But you need to give your already compromised body and immune system the best chance to beat your condition naturally.

When I was young, one of my doctors recommended swimming as a way to improve lung function and capacity. It was an excellent idea, and the years I spent swimming were probably the least symptomatic time of my life (up until now).

But when I got older, I got busier, and I stopped swimming. My symptoms reappeared, but I didn’t make the connection right away.

Today, I don’t really have the time or desire to go to a swimming pool everyday. I opted for an indoor rowing machine,which is equally intensive and also low impact, just like swimming. This means I can get in a great workout in without blowing out my joints or risking other injuries.

I write more about how indoor rowing helped me conquer my asthma here. In fact, I love rowing so much that I even wrote an entire guide on the best rowing machines, to help people out there find one that fits their budget and space. I really believe it’s an investment that will pay off in spades, both for your asthma as well as the rest of your life.

Of course, you don’t need to buy a rowing machine to accomplish better fitness. You can do jumping jacks and push-ups at home just as effectively for free. But the rowing machine really does make it that much easier. And since it’s a total body workout, it’s quick, all-in-one solution.

See how I used rowing to effectively manage my asthma.

Find a rowing machine in your budget range. 

Diet Will Help Keep Asthma Under Control

We’ve all heard “you are what you eat.” And it’s so true. If you eat junk, you’re going to be feeling like junk … and coughing up junk when your asthma kicks in.

But don’t get too hung up with what you’ve read online. It’s not about some restrictive diet, being vegan or vegetarian or gluten free. You can be all or none of those things and it won’t necessarily affect your asthma.

The best diet for asthma is really just the healthiest diet that works for YOU specifically. You need to discover what your personal food intolerances are. Remember that being intolerant to a food doesn’t have to mean you turn blue and die after eating something, like with a peanut allergy. It can simply be that a certain food leaves you feeling acidic or phlegmy, or just generally unwell after eating.elements-of-a-healthy-diet-for-asthma

But sometimes it’s not so easy to determine which foods are causing reactions over the course of a day. Each day you eating dozens of different things, with potentially hundreds (or thousands?) of ingredients.

This is why I encourage everyone to start keeping a food journal. Very simply, this is a journal where you write down what you’ve eaten and then how you feel 1-2 hours later. If a food makes you plegmy and heavy-chested, stop eating that food for a week and see what happens. Likewise, if a food makes you feel good and full of energy (like healthy food should), eat more of that food.

Learn more about how to journal for asthma management.

In general, you want to be eating clean foods that are high in protein and other nutrients. And you want to avoid refined sugars and other highly processed ingredients as much as possible. Don’t worry about fat unless you’re overweight or you find fatty foods are a specific trigger for you. Just try to keep things clean and nutrient rich. It’s not rocket science.

Some research has shown the Mediterranean Diet to be good for asthma, which makes sense. That’s because the Mediterranean Diet is healthy in general (see the pattern here?).

And there are some specific ‘superfoods’ for asthma that have been proven to help symptoms – find them here. But remember, even these superfoods aren’t magic. They’ll only work if you’re doing everything else right.

Finally, you reeeeaaaaaallllly need to make sure you’re getting enough water. Like, seriously. Drink up. I found my Sodastream (link to Amazon) really helped me up my water intake and quit soda – win, win! (And if you’re considering purchasing a Sodastream, please consider using our Amazon link, as this helps us keep providing free asthma-fighting tips, at no extra charge to you!).

Learn more about my diet for asthma management – including 3 asthma superfoods.

Follow my Healthy Eating for Asthma Pinterest Board for healthy recipe suggestions. 

Breathing Better Is The Main Goal Of Asthma Control


If we, as asthmatics, want to breathe better, it stands to reason that we might need to actually practice better breathing. This can involve practicing a number of different things.

First, how often do you breathe through your mouth? Mouth breathing was one of the biggest single triggers for my asthma. Especially at night. I used to wake up all the time with trouble breathing – multiple times every night.

When I made a conscious effort to stop mouth breathing at ALL times during the day, I noticed a huge change for the better in my asthma. I even went as far as to put medical tape over my mouth at night, to teach my jaw to stay shut while I sleep. I know it sounds weird – I explain it here

Another major plank in my breathing strategy is conscious breathing technques, specifically some of those mentioned by the Buteyko methodology. There are other methods, but I like Buteyko because it emphasizes breathing through the nose at all times. It also offers exercises to slowly build back your lung strength and capacity. 

Learn more about how Buteyko can help cure you asthma naturally and permanently. 

Learn my simple Buteyko trick for better breathing at night.

CBD Fights Asthma Related Inflammation

This method for controlling asthma symptoms is probably one of the least talked about, but it’s also one of the most effective.

Cannabidiol, or CBD comes from the hemp plant and it has amazing bronchodilatory and anti-spasmodic properties. Over time and with the right dosage, it’s possible to see a great reduction in the severity of your asthma symptoms by taking a CBD supplement every day.

CBD treats inflammation naturally, including the kinds asthmatics suffer from. There are dozens of scientific studies from real health boards that attest to its MANY health benefits.

Use code ‘treatasthma’ for 10% off your entire purchase at Direct Hemp. This code does not expire.

I take between 20-40mg of CBD a day either in an oil tincture (which you can put into a capsule if you prefer) or as an isolate powder (power is usually the cheapest way to get CBD, but it can be a bit messy). And I’ve been amazed at the results. In fact, I haven’t experienced any real asthma symptoms in the many months I’ve been taking it.

If you’ve done the research and are ready to take the plunge, then I recommend buying from a reputable distributor like Direct Hemp. That’s because their products are high quality, reasonably price and – this is key – they are third party lab tested. One of the main risks with CBD is that there are lots of new unscrupulous companies out there, even ones that label products ‘CBD’ that have no CBD in them. With Pure Spectrum, you can be sure you’re getting the real, asthma-fighting deal.

Plus, I’m happy to share that readers of this blog can enjoy 10% off their purchase with the coupon code ‘treatasthma’ and following the Direct Hemp links on this page. 

So while I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t believe in miracles for curing asthma naturally and permanently, this is the closest we’re going to get.

But again, my caveat: you’re only going to see the impressive results I got from cannabidiol IF you are taking care of your health. If you’re overeating, inactive and hooked on your puffer, I’m sure you’ll get less drastic results.

Learn more about CBD for asthma and my experience with CBD here. 

Let The Feelings Of Asthma Pass

Finally, if you’re taking care of your health, you’re eating right and exercising and breathing well and taking CBD, there is one more thing you can do to treat your asthma naturally.


And that is to just let your symptoms pass. This is how I got off ventolin. I had to teach myself to stop reaching for my puffer the instant I started to feel some discomfort.

Now, don’t be a hero. If you really need your inhaler, take it. Don’t wind up in the emergency room.

But the next time you think you need a puff, try to wait it out a minute or two. Relax, and maybe make a cup of my favorite asthma tea. You can still take your puffer, just not right away. And try to build up how long you can wait before taking it.

Following this strategy, I was able to stop taking my puffer completely – learn more. 

So, How Do You Cure Asthma Naturally, Permanently?

I’ll never really use the word ‘cured’ for asthma – it’s a condition that I’m going to have for life.

But when asthmatics say ‘cured,’ they mean they want a cure from the awful asthma symptoms that plague their lives. And following the strategies outlined here, I can say definitely that asthma does not plague my life.

I know it’s not always easy, but remember, you don’t have to do everything perfectly. I still have days where I pig out on pizza. I still have days where I skip my exercise. I still catch myself mouth breathing when I’m not paying attention.

But overall, following these strategies, my asthma is better, my health is better, and my life is better. I hope you’ll join me!

And please share with our asthma community in the comments below, so we can all help each other lead better lives. What natural treatments have had the biggest impacts on your asthma symptoms?

In Summary


Improve your fitness to make your body stronger. A strong body is a healthy one that can fight the symptoms of asthma.


Improve your diet to give your body the nutrients it needs to fight asthma. Avoid processed foods to minimize inflammation of your airways.


Learn a breathing methodology like Buteyko to improve your lung function and regulate the levels of CO2 and Oxygen in your blood. Better breathing will lead to fewer asthma symptoms.


CBD is a natural supplement that decreases inflammation and improves bronchodilation. This allows air to flow more freely through your airways. Direct Hemp is a great, reputable distributor if you’re looking for one.

Let It Pass

Take a moment to breathe and meditate before immediately reaching for your rescue inhaler. You may find that the symptoms pass. It’s a powerful feeling when you can beat asthma symptoms without medication.

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