It might sound too good to be true, but one of the easiest things you can do to help manage your asthma symptoms is to drink more water. For asthmatics, staying properly hydrated can be the difference between phlegmy congestion and clear, effortless breathing.

In fact, drinking more water was one of the first things I did to get off my puffer – and it worked!

Of course, I know that sometimes, drinking more water is easier said than done. So keep reading for simple steps for how to drink more water – these all helped me.


How To Drink More Water:
Step #1 – In The Morning

The very first thing I do after I get up in the morning is chug a really big glass of water.

I follow this step religiously. I start my day hydrated, and it sets up my day right – so that I’m more likely to drink more water later.

Sometimes I get fancy and add in a squeeze of lemon, which some people say is good for the liver. I’m more likely to do this if I’ve had too much junk food the night before.  Either way, a cup to start your day is the way to go.


Step #2 – Get Fruity


Speaking of lemons …. I get it. Water isn’t exactly tasty. If you’re trying to replace juice with water, why not flavor it with some strawberries, cucumbers, mint, or a a combo of all three? Find some great water infusion recipes here. 


Step #3 – With Your Meals

Most people like a beverage with their meals. Can you swap your regulars out for water? It’s an easy way to get in three more glasses s day- while also cutting out some calories. Win, win. 

And a tip if you’re longing for that glass of wine: have your water in your wine glass. It’s not quite the same, but it still feels fancy!


Step #4 – If You’re Drinking Alcohol …

Don’t worry. While I’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle in my quest to cut out ventolin, I’m not perfectly healthy all the time (and you don’t have to be, either). So I still like to indulge in alcohol now and then.

But when I do, I always go one-for-one for my drinks. That means that for every cup of alcohol I drink, I drink at least same amount of water immediately after. Not only does this keep my hydrated during the evening, but trust me – it makes the morning so much easier!


Step #5 – Add In Some Herbal Teas

Good news for my fellow tea drinkers: caffeine is not dehydrating (source). And it turns out, tea can have lots of benefits for asthma … so turn the kettle on!

breathe easy tea

oregano tea

throat coat tea

In fact, tea is just about my favourite all natural remedy for asthma … and I’ve found a few online that I love.

My criteria for natural remedies for treating asthma at home is that they must be good for my general health, too. That’s why I love tea – study after study has proven that teas of all varieties have tons of health benefits, making it a great addition to your ‘treat asthma at home’ repertoire.

I find that staying hydrated and drinking lots of tea with honey helps me feel better and keep asthma symptoms at bay. Plus, sitting down with a nice healthy cup is a great stress-reliever, too (and I believe stress management is a huge aspect of treating asthma that doesn’t get enough attention).

My favorite tea for asthma management is Breathe Easy Tea (link to Amazon), which uses organic licorice root and other ingredients often credited with good lung health. Plus, at the time of writing this article, you can get a package at under $15 to see if it helps you, too.

I also recommend Throat Coat Tea, but pre-warned, this one is not for the feint of heart! Made with slippery elm, licorice and marshmallow root, it’s not the tastiest thing in the world. But man-oh-man – it’s lives up to its name and is really soothing for the throat. It’s also reasonably priced on Amazon – find it here.

Lately I’ve also been loving this Oregano tea (link to Amazon).  I’ve been reading good things about oregano’s ability to help reduce cough and spasms, so I thought it was worth checking out, and I’m glad I did!

Also, please note that if you use our links on Amazon, then we’ll get a small cut at no extra cost to you. It’s a great way to support our blog, and we really appreciate it!

Finally, here’s a little trick I use when drinking tea to up my water intake. Before I make my cup of tea, I fill up my mug for a quick chug of cold water first. Sometimes, I’ll do the same once the tea is all gone. It’s like getting three cups for the price of one!


Step #6 – Small Sips All Day

My wife, Emma, had a hot yoga teacher (who sweats copiously as part of her job) tell her one time that you should be drinking small amounts of water all day, and that if you get to the point where you actually feel thirsty, you’ve let yourself get too dehydrated.

I’m not entirely sure about the last part, but I’ve taken that advice to heart. I keep a water bottle at my desk, and I just make sure I’m sipping throughout the day.

To be honest, I’m not as hardcore as some people. I don’t worry exactly about a specific amount of water that I should be drinking each day. I just keep it simple and drink as many cups of water as I can throughout the day, every day.

I don’t care about the exact number as long as I’m always refilling my cup/bottle. I also find that I’m snacking less in-between meals now that I drink more water, which is a nice bonus.


Step # 7 – A Secret Weapon

asthma pro tip for increasing water consumption graphic

A game changer for me was getting a SodaStream. Since I love carbonated water, I feel more like I’m having a treat instead of just plain old water.

Plus, my SodaStream has the added benefit of helping me cut down on junk food too (as in, I haven’t had a soda in months!).

But whether you get on the SodaSteam bandwagon or stick to go old tap water, I hope these tips on how to drink more water are helpful. Drink up, and breathe better!

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