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You’re not alone

Asthma is tough …

… and you’re probably a little scared of your new diagnosis. But I’ve had asthma my whole life, and I’ve figured out the best ways to treat and manage my symptoms – and I want to help you, too. Now that you have your diagnosis, you can actually make your life better! Here’s where to start:


You are what you eat, and you breathe how you eat, too. Here’s the latest on the best diet for asthma (hint: cutting out junk food at night will make your lungs happy!)


Exercise is so important to keeping your body and your lungs strong. But who wants to get wheezy in public? Here’s how I work out with asthma.


Sleep heals the body …. but not if you’re waking up every few hours needing your puffer, like I used to. Here’s how I now sleep so much better (it’s a simple trick!).

Looking for more support for your new diagnosis? Check out the products & ideas that helped me!


More Resources for Asthmatics

Learn more about adult onset asthma here.

Learn more about what to expect from your new diagnosis here.

Learn more about developing an action plan here.

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