How to Make Cheap CBD Oil That Is VERY High Quality

Want to experience the benefits of CBD oil but don’t have the budget to shell out for expensive oils? Read on and I’ll teach you how to make it yourself using cheap, readily available 99% pure CBD isolate.

5000mg of pure CBD isolate. You’ll need something like this in order to make your own CBD oil.

High Quality DIY CBD Oil On a Budget

CBD oil is all the rage these days, and it’s no surprise why.

People are getting huge health benefits from it, for everything from anxiety to asthma to insomnia to epilepsy. It’s basically a modern-day panacea, with no side-effects and a growing body of data supporting its many powerful and healthy effects.

More and more people are taking CBD everyday, including myself for its powerful anti-inflammatory, asthma-fighting properties.

The catch? Well, CBD oil can get pretty expensive.

A month’s supply for a typical adult taking the smallest recommended amount of CBD will usually cost at least $100 (or $90 if you use the coupon code ‘treatasthma’ and get 10% off your entire order). However, if you want to get maximum benefit, or if you’re treating an illness like asthma, then you’ll probably want to up the dosage like I do, making it cost double that or even more.

That’s actually pretty cheap all things considered – especially compared to many pharmaceutical products. But it’s enough to put it out of reach to many of those who need it the most.

But the thing is, CBD itself is actually quite cheap. It’s when you buy it as a finished product in oil or something similar that the price goes up. You’re essentially paying a big premium to have someone put the CBD into an oil for you.

For a lot of people, it’s worth the extra cost to have this all taken care of for you, especially when dealing with a reputable distributor like Direct Hemp, which I recommend.

However, if you’re on a budget, or you’re a DIY-junkie, then there’s another way to get as much CBD oil as your heart and body desires, at a fraction of the cost.

This is a super high-quality, high-concentration CBD oil. I’m going to teach you how to make something very similar to this if it’s too expensive for you.

DIY CBD Oil Is High Quality

You shouldn’t assume that an oil you make yourself using CBD isolate powder is going to be of inferior quality to a ready-made oil you can buy off the shelf.

CBD oil made using 99% pure CBD isolate powder is extremely high quality and is as potent as other CBD products available on the market. CBD isolate based oil is easy to prepare and will give you the same concentrations available in popular CBD oils at a fraction of the cost.

Your DIY CBD Oil Will Be Similar In Quality To The Tinctures Below:

Charlotte’s Web 6000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Extract Labs Full Spectrum 2000mg CBD Oil

How To Make Cheap CBD Oil That’s Still High Quality

So how do make your own CBD oil? It’s very simple, actually. You simply buy CBD isolate itself, and then you put it into an oil of your choice.

CBD isolate is the pure CBD extracted from hemp. It’s a very fine white powder, which you can mix into oil yourself.

(Note, too, that some people take the CBD isolate directly, placing it directly under the tongue and letting it absorb. You can also mix the powder into drinks, or into creams and balms if you’d like to use it topically). 

The quality of your homemade CBD oil tincture will depend on two things—the quality of the CBD isolate you purchase and the kind of oil you decide to use.

First, there are lots of brands of CBD to choose from when selecting your CBD isolate, but not all CBD is created equally. This is why I recommend buying from Direct Hemp, because their products are guaranteed pure by 3rd party lab testing and shipped from a central location. This third-party testing is key, as unscrupulous companies can and will mislabel their products. 

Second, the oil you choose has a big impact on your finished product as well, but in a different way. A simple olive oil will suffice, as well as any other oil that has a high enough fat content to bind with the CBD.

But if you want to replicate a more powerful, full-spectrum CBD oil like you can buy from a store or online, there are better options.

CBD is very powerful on its own, but combining it with trace amounts of the other properties of the hemp plant provides what’s known as the “entourage effect”. This idea is based on a study that found that the interplay between CBD and other cannibinoids and terpenes increased the effectiveness of the CBD, thus providing greater therapeutic value.

When you see a CBD oil marketed as “full spectrum,” that means it contains the full spectrum of compounds found in the hemp plant, and not just the CBD extract.

So if you want to make your CBD of the highest quality like I’ve described, you’re going to want to use a full spectrum hemp oil as your base. This kind of oil can be bought online or in many health food and grocery stores. It’s very common and shouldn’t be too expensive.

All this being said, don’t get too worried about choosing the perfect oil. You’ll still garner most of the health benefits from your CBD isolate no matter what kind you choose, as long as the CBD isolate is of a high quality itself.

This jar of 99% pure CBD isolate is exactly what you need to start making a high quality CBD oil.


Source out a high quality CBD isolate.

This is by far the most important step. You want to ensure your CBD isolate contains at least 99% CBD, and that it’s free of chemical residue and residual solvents. These are the chemicals used to extract the CBD isolate from the hemp plant which will be completely removed from the finished product by any reputable CBD brand.

I personally trust and highly recommend buying from Direct Hemp. Their CBD isolate powder is made from organically grown hemp, and it’s third-party lab tested – so you know it’s the purest form of CBD available. The powder comes in different sizes, too, so if you buy in bulk you get even bigger savings.

Note that if you use the links in this post or the coupon code ‘treatasthma’, you will get 10% off your entire order

Source out a carrier oil.

Like I explained earlier, a simple olive oil will suffice and will make you a very effective CBD oil for the lowest price possible. But if you want to increase the effectiveness and absorption of the CBD isolate, consider buying a good quality hemp oil instead. I personally use a combination of hemp oil, MCT oil and pumpkin seed oil.

However, please be aware when purchasing hemp oil online. I lot of the hemp oil available on services like amazon misleads you into thinking it’s actually CBD oil. It isn’t, it’s just simple hemp seed oil like you can get at your grocery store. It contains no CBD and will not give you any of the benefits you’re expecting. Hemp oil marketed like this is also much more expensive. 

Use the link I’ve provided above for a high quality, cooking grade hemp seed oil. It comes with all the right essential fats and omega 3 acids and is perfect for mixing with CBD isolate.

Determine your dosage.

Basically, how much CBD do you want per dose of CBD oil? This is quite easy to determine and just involves some simple math.

For example, if you’re going to be using a standard 30ml dropper bottle, you know there is approximately 1ml of oil per dropper. So if you add 1000mg of CBD isolate to your 30ml of oil, that means each dropper will deliver a 33mg CBD dose (1000mg divided 30ml).

Another option, if you want a higher dosage, is to take 5000mg of CBD isolate and mix it with 30-60ml of oil. This will give you a super-high concentration of CBD, or 83-166mg of CBD per ml of oil. This is comparable to the acclaimed Charlotte’s Web strain of extra-strength 6000mg CBD oil.

You can use as much or as little CBD and oil as you like to get exactly the dosage you desire, but the example I’ve given is a pretty standard and the one I personally use.

Note that it’s generally recommended to start taking CBD in the 20-30mg range, and then to up your dosage as needed. To see my recommendations for taking CBD for asthma, click here. 

Mix your ingredients. This is the fun, DIY part!

You will need some kind of funnel or scoop to get the CBD isolate from its container to your bottle without spilling it all over the place.

Keep in mind that CBD isolate has a consistency similar to icing sugar, so it’s important to be very careful when mixing – it’s easy to make a mess, and you want to minimize how much product you lose. 

And a pro-tip – I like to purchase my CBD isolate in 1000mg units so I don’t have to do any weighing or measuring.

To make sure you CBD oil, slowly pour or scoop the CBD isolate into the funnel or directly into the bottle itself. Next, simply add the oil to the bottle, too. Shake it until the isolate it mixed in well with the oil. Make sure there’s no powder sticking to the sides or the bottom. 

After shaking, you should have an oil with lots of bits of CBD isolate floating around in it. Since we want the isolate to be more thoroughly mixed in, we need to do one more thing. Simply submerge the (tightly) closed jar of oil in a bowl of hot water.

The water does’t need to be boiling – just hot. I use the hottest water my tap will supply and leave the jar submerged in it for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, give your bottle a shake and you should have a completely clear CBD oil. It’s it not clear, reheat your water and repeat the process. 

And that’s it! You’ve now made an affordable CBD oil of the same quality (or higher) as any you can buy, and for a fraction of the cost.

You can now take your CBD sublingually (place a dropper under your tongue and keep it there for a few minutes before swallowing it down. Or you may want to make your own DIY capsules – empty capsules are super cheap online, so you’d just need to get a pill tray (also pretty cheap) and you’re good to go. 

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