Asthma Symptoms Out Of Control?

Let’s Fix That!

Asthma is tough …

… and nothing is worse than when your symptoms are out of control. When you’re not living the healthy life you want, it’s a huge physical and mental burden. The resources on this website are designed to fix that for you – they worked for me. 


You are what you eat, and you breathe how you eat, too. Here’s the latest on the best diet for asthma (hint: cutting out junk food at night will make your lungs happy!)


Exercise is so important to keeping your body and your lungs strong. But who wants to get wheezy in public? Here’s how I work out with asthma.


Sleep heals the body …. but not if you’re waking up every few hours needing your puffer, like I used to. Here’s how I now sleep so much better (it’s a simple trick!).

Ventolin/Alubterol abuse is very real, and it is very nasty. Here’s how I broke the cycle and stopped taking so much asthma medicine. 


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The Oxygen Advantage Book for treating asthma symptoms

I’ve written a lot about breathing methods on my blog. I now understand that how I breathe, and how much I hyperventilate, has a huge impact on my asthma.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Unfortunately in over 30 years of going to the doctor for asthma treatment, not one suggested I explore breathing techniques to get a better handle on my symptoms.

Thankfully, there are lots of books now available to learn more about proper breathing techniques for asthmatics. I’ve learned a lot from asthma-expert Patrick McKeown, and I’m sure his latest, The Oxygen Advantage, can really help you too.



Not to worry! Patrick has also put out a DVD. This Buteyko Clinic DVD Set comes with a DVD, a CD and his popular Close Your Mouth book.

You can also find lots and lots of free Buteyko videos on Youtube – just be sure you’re careful about who you’re following (here’s some of my faves).

More Ways To Beat Your Symptoms

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