Buteyko Clinic DVD Set


I’ve used the Buteyko method to drastically improve my asthma symptoms. In fact, it was Buteyko that taught me that I have some control over how I breathe, that I don’t need to rely solely on my medication. I don’t even use my ventolin anymore!

If you’d like to learn more about Buteyko, then this Buteyko Clinic DVD setOpens in a new tab. might be a good way to get started. Here’s more from the Amazon listing:

2 Hour DVD & CD Manual – the complete instruction to reverse asthma, rhinitis and snoring permanently. Buteyko home study kit has DVD, CD and ‘Close Your Mouth’ Book. Email support is also available to answer any questions.

Please note that we do not sell this DVD set. Please see the Amazon listingOpens in a new tab. for up-to-date info and pricing.

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