Nexcare Gentle Paper Tape (Pack of 4)


I use this gentle medical tape every night, as part of one of the best ‘asthma hacks’ I’ve ever found. Learn how you can use it to improve your asthma symptoms at night too, here.

You can easily find this tape at any drug store – or you can buy it in bulk on AmazonOpens in a new tab. to save a few pennies. Here’s more from the Amazon listing:

  • Pack of 4, Each 3/4″ x 8 yd
  • 3M is the only manufacturer to offer 3/4 in surgical tape.
  • The #1 paper tape in hospitals.

*Please note that we do not personally sell this medical tape. Please see the Amazon listingOpens in a new tab. for up-to-date info and accurate pricing. And don’t miss this article on how to use it to manage your asthma at night

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