Nose Vents to Ease Breathing and Snoring


Nasal health is a key element in managing asthma symptoms, especially at night. If your nasal passages aren’t clear at night, your asthma will no doubt be worse (I know mine is).

Nasal strips are great, but they can get costly, since you need them every single night. One option is to try making my DIY nasal strips, or consider getting reusable nose vents, like theĀ SNO!Re: The Original 2 in 1 Premium Anti Snoring DevicesOpens in a new tab.. Here’s their description from Amazon:

FREE travel case included!
SLEEP WELL! Are you tired to hear your spouse snoring every night and you want him/her to get rid of it? Our devices are the easiest and most comfortable aids to eliminate snoring and enhance sleep quality!
COMFORTABLE FEELING! Our Anti Snore Product is hypoallergenic, not noticeable, odorless, and does not cause any side effects during the usage
DURABLE & REUSABLE! The nose vents are made from high grade silicon and designed to maximizes airflow through nasal passage to stops snore
SET of 4 & HYGIENE CASE! This nose vents comes in a plastic case. It has 4 sizes from Small to X-Large, great for noses of any size.

*Please note that we do not sell this product. Visit the Amazon listing Opens in a new tab.for up-to-date info and pricing.

And if your asthma is worse at night, consider this super-simple trick that I use nightly – you won’t believe how quickly it can relieve symptoms!

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