Cheap Nasal Strips – 2 Awesome Breathe Right Strips Alternative

scissors needed for a project to make cheap nasal strips

Sometimes you need to keep the nose clear while it heals from allergies or the overusing decongestant medicines. Breath-Easy nasal strips are one popular and effective solution (I’ve certainly used my fair share), but they can be expensive if needed on a regular basis. Thanks to a little research online, I’ve found two methods for keeping your … Read more

Unblock Your Nose without Nasal Spray


If you’re sick of irritated nasal passages, then you’re probably wondering if there is a stuffy nose remedy, preferably one that doesn’t involve medicine.  As someone with lifelong asthma and allergies I’m happy to report that yes! It is possible to unblock your stuffy nose without nasal spray! 2021 Update: This post was written some … Read more