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Top 5 Reasons to Try Buteyko

The word ‘life-changing’ is often overused, but when it comes to Buteyko, we mean it. The Buteyko method really did change our lives.

We noticed changes in my husband’s asthma within days of starting to practice.

Buteyko helped him realize that he had some control over his symptoms, and that it is possible to treat asthma at home

So Buteyko started our journey into home remedies for asthma, and it’s had a huge impact on Nick’s asthma symptoms.We love it, and we bet you will, too. Here’s why:

1. It’s Free.

And who doesn’t love free? Yes, we do recommend some inexpensive books to get started (there’s even a kid’s book!). You also might find this DVD set helpful, as it walks you through different breathing exercises. 

But we bet your local library has them (ours does). And of course you can piece together a lot of the information online and through videos on Youtube. Maybe we’re old school, but we did find having a few ‘go-to’ books helpful.

There are also Buteyko practitioners who offer courses and private consultations. If you’re so inclined, we’re sure they wouldn’t hurt, especially if you have more severe symptoms. And we should note that a lot of the books (written by practitioners!) say you should only do Buteyko under their supervision (I personally haven’t found this necessary). But unlike almost every other home remedy out there, this one doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

2. It’s Simple.

So simple that children can do most of the breathing exercises. All you need are lungs, and a bit of patience.  You can start Buteyko immediately in the comfort of your own home, without any special equipment. Breathe in, breath out, keep track of your progress, and you’re already a full-on Buteyko student!


3. It’s Fast.

Buteyko practitioners claim that you can improve the levels of carbon dioxide in your body in as little as 7 days. Nick found that simply bringing awareness to his breathing and how much he was using his ventalin was enough to make a difference in less time than that. Of course, it’s not a wonder-drug, and your experiences might be different – we’re not trying to make false claims here. But he did see improvements very quickly once he started tracking his Control Pause.

4. It Makes You Feel Better

And we don’t just mean it improves your asthma symptoms. Before Nick learned about Buteyko, he was taking his ventalin several times a day, and woke up most nights needing it.

If nothing else, Buteyko showed him how to deal with that tightness in his chest, and how to sit through it. It taught him that he has control over his breathing, that he’s not a slave to him symptoms. That is incredibly empowering, and life affirming.  A condition that plagued him through childhood and into adult life is now something that he doesn’t have to think about much. That feels good.

5. It’s Sooo Hipster

There’s nothing more counter-culture than a little know Soviet-era healthy system that no-one’s heard about. With the rates of asthma on the rise, parents and sufferers are going to be looking to alternative treatments, and many doctors suggest that Buteyko can be incorporated into a smart asthma action plan. Think about it – you’ll get to say ‘oh, I totally did Buteyko before it was a thing!’

In all seriousness, remember that there was a time before yoga was widely practiced and widely accepted in the West. Now we know that while some of its more wild health claims aren’t true, yoga is ultimately a very healthy, beneficial practice. We think the same will happen as more and more people seek alternative treatments and experience first-hand how Buteyko can help them.

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