How To Get Natural Asthma Relief


After a lifetime of using (and sometimes abusing) asthma medicine, you’re probably asking yourself: is it possible to get natural asthma relief? I’m happy to report that yes, relief is possible. I use natural ingredients and processes as part of a holistic strategy to reduce my asthma symptoms. A good diet, exercise, and even CBD … Read more

6 Easy Steps To Stop Taking Rescue Puffers Naturally


Asthma sucks. If you have asthma, you probably want to stop taking albuterol or whatever rescue medication you use. Or you’d at least stop taking it as much as you do. We all want natural asthma relief. In this article, I’ll go over the simple yet effective actions I’ve taken to quit my overreliance on … Read more

Asthma and Exercise: How Rowing Helped Me Quit Ventolin

rowing machine

It’s not always fun, but I gotta say it: asthma and exercise go together.  In fact, exercising with my asthma was one of the most important steps in my journey to get off albuterol and live much better. (Ready to learn about asthma and rowing? Jump to my results!) (Convinced about rowing and looking for … Read more

21 Of The Best Teas for Asthma Relief


Tea for asthma – the perfect natural remedy for my breathing problems. That’s because it helps me manage both my stress and my asthma symptoms at the same time. But which is the best tea for asthma? In my experience, the best tea for asthma is a combination of Breathe Easy Tea and Throat Coat … Read more

Best Diet for Asthma (Including 3 Asthma Superfoods!)

Food for a healthy diet for asthma

Can A Better Diet Help With Asthma Symptoms Relief? Let’s cut to the chase: I believe that a healthy diet for asthma is one of the best ways you can manage your symptoms. And while there’s no universally accepted diet for asthma, any diet filled with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich foods like fruits and vegetables is going … Read more

Asthma Worse at Night? Try This Simple Fix!


If you’re like me, you find your asthma worse at night. If only I had a penny for every time I used to wake up at night with bad asthma and wheezing. Until I discovered this simple trick I’m about to share, I don’t know if I ever made it through the night without needing … Read more

Ventolin Abuse Guide: 3 Side Effects & How To Beat It In 2021

Ventolin, or albuterol, abuse is a serious concern for people with asthma. Used improperly, rescue inhaler overuse can cause permanent damage to the lungs and airways and an increase in the symptoms of asthma like wheezing and chest-tightness.  Thankfully, research has shown that changes in lifestyle like diet and exercise, and even supplements like CBD, … Read more