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Cure Asthma Naturally This Year – Your New Year’s Resolution

As we approach another New Year, I hope you’ll be inspired to try out a new resolution this year

How about if you finally put your asthma symptoms behind you? I promise: if you do the work, you really can Breathe Better in 2021!

If you’re like me, you find that your doctors can help you treat some of your symptoms, but they don’t help you truly beat asthma – especially when you’d like to cut your reliance on your puffers.

I’ve had fantastic success following these strategies, and I no longer wake up at night needing my puffer.

If you stick with them, I bet they’ll work for you too. You truly can Breathe Better this year!

Make Curing Asthma Naturally Your 2021 New Year’s Resolution

I used to take my rescue inhaler several times a day (even waking up in the middle of the night needing it), and I used preventative inhaler, too. I never felt like I was in control of my body or my breathing, and I hated it.

That’s why I started my own journey to treat my asthma at home. I still listen to my doctor, but over the past few years I’ve explored other simple strategies, many of which I’ve found really effective, and I’ve completely cut my reliance on medicine.

Today I breathe better, I sleep better, and I feel more healthy – heck, I’ve even lost a few pounds. I’m off my preventative inhaler completely, and I only keep my rescue inhaler around for emergencies – can’t remember the last time I needed a puff.

And I want to help you find the same success I did! Here’s the simple strategies I’ve used to beat my asthma symptoms.

Now I should warn you – I’m not a fan of hokey, quick fixes like ‘take this one super herb and your asthma will be cured forever!’. I believe there’s no such thing as a miracle cure.

Instead, I believe in healthy actions you can implement over time. They don’t work magically overnight. But if you stick with them, I bet you’ll see results pretty quickly like I did – not just in your asthma, but in your entire life.

Drink More Water

It might sound too good to be true, but one of the easiest things you can do to help manage your asthma symptoms is to drink more water. For asthmatics, staying properly hydrated can be the difference between phlegmy congestion and clear, effortless breathing.

In fact, drinking more water was one of the first things I did to get off my puffer – and it really helped.

Of course, I know that sometimes, drinking more water is easier said than done. So keep reading for simple steps for how to drink more water – these all helped me.

Explore Using CBD

If you’re heard about the life-changing properties of cannabidiol, or CBD, then you’re probably wondering how to use CBD for asthma.

Now, I’ve already documented my own journey using CBD for asthma here – please check it out (hint: it changed my life as an asthmatic!).

But when you start to research using CBD for asthma (or any condition, for that matter), you’re going to find so many different types of oil of different dosages that it might turn you off to the entire process. How are you supposed to take it, and how much???

This is especially true for us asthmatics, who can’t really smoke!

Don’t worry. In this article, I show you EXACTLY how to use CBD for asthma. I’ve done the research and experimenting, so you can start using this amazing natural remedy and beat your addiction to rescue inhalers right away.

Start Using Air Purifiers

If you’re like me, you’ll do anything to keep your asthma symptoms at bay – and you’ve wondered if air purifiers for asthma actually work.  Thankfully, the short answer is: yes, they do – but some types are MUCH better than others for asthma.

Studies show that the right air filters can really help us asthmatics, and I know from personal experience that I feel better when my trusty air purifier is running.

So how do air purifiers help? These portable devices suck in dirty air and blow out clean air – pretty simple. I was curious to see if filtering the air could be a solution for my asthma and allergy symptoms, so I thought I’d give one a try.

Please check out my guide to air purifiers at multiple price points – because it’s really important that asthmatics choose the right type (some can even make your asthma worse).

And I’ll cut right to the chase: I love my Honeywell HEPA Allergen Remover (link to Amazon)!

Get Your Pet Allergies Under Control

Being an asthamtic animal lover (like I am!) can be tough.

Thankfully, there are several strategies you can follow, so that you can keep or get a beloved pet, even if someone in your family has asthma. You’ll need to clean a lot more than normal, as well as keep your cat clean and possibly modify some of its behaviors. But if you’re willing to do the work, it’s do-able. 

I share my personal experience having both puffers and puff-balls in the house, plus some simple strategies for living with pets and asthma, here.
s the symptoms of asthma?

It’s true: the National Institute of Health in the US recommends healthy adults exercise for 30 minutes 5 days per week to promote healthy lung function.

But … what asthmatic wants to get wheezy at a public gym? I know I don’t.

That’s why I’ve figured out an at-home exercise regime that actually works for me and my asthma. Learn all about it here. 

Improve Your Diet

Let’s cut to the chase: I believe that a healthy diet for asthma is one of the best ways you can manage your symptoms.

And while there’s no universally accepted diet for asthma, any diet rich in ant-inflammatory, antioxidant rich foods is going to be good for your whole body – including your lungs.

Home remedies for asthma and alternative treatments for asthma are important, but only when coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

Eating right, exercising regularly, and reducing stress are the best things you can do to breathe better – plain and simple. If you’re not taking care of your health, you’re not taking care of your asthma.

Thankfully, there’s lots of research we can use to start eating (and therefore breathing) better. Check out my best diet advice for controlling my asthma symptoms here. 

Drink More (And Better) Tea!

I believe that any ‘home remedy’ for asthma needs to be healthy in its own right, and tea for asthma definitely fits the bill. There are countless scientific studies pointing to the positive health benefits of drinking tea.

Plus, I know when I take a moment to sit down with a warm cup,  I just feel better (a cup of tea can also really help if you’re trying to avoid taking your inhaler as you let some mild symptoms pass).

Of course, while all tea is healthy, some are better for us asthmatics than other. My popular guide to tea for asthma is a great place to get started (hint: doesn’t ‘Breathe Easy Tea’ sound like something you’ like to try? 🙂 

Worried about coping with your new diagnosis? Don’t worry – I’m here to hold your hand!

Sick of taking your inhaler SO much? Ventolin abuse is real – and you CAN beat it.

There’s no cure for asthma, but there’s so much we can do to get our symptoms under control.

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